Who are Refugees?

Refugees are individuals forced to leave their home areas—whether it be a country, state, or region—due to imminent threats to their safety and survival. People become refugees for a variety of complex and interconnected reasons, often stemming from human rights abuses, persecution, and armed conflicts. 

In 2022, Canada welcomed 140,621 asylum seekers, marking an 8.07% increase from the previous year. These statistics highlight the ongoing need for services that cater to the health and well-being of refugees, emphasizing the importance of specialized medical examinations for this vulnerable population.

What is a Refugee Medical Exam?

Refugee claimants are required to undergo a refugee Immigration Medical Exam. This exam is a comprehensive medical exam that is required by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). 

A panel physician authorized by the IRCC performs the exam. These physicians are selected based on their expertise and adherence to the guidelines provided and set by Canadian immigration authorities. 

As part of the refugee Immigration Medical Exam, applicants are screened for various health conditions of public health significance prior to obtaining refugee status.  

There are instances where certain diseases are found and require further investigation, treatment, and care.

The Refugee Medical Examination Process

The Refugee Medical Examination involves a comprehensive screening process for newly arrived refugees. Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), all refugees or asylum seekers must undergo an Immigration Medical Exam (IME).
The Immigration Medical Exam process and steps for refugees are the same as those for other immigration applicants. The results are sent directly to Immigration Canada through an electronic system called eMedical.

Refugee Medical Examination Toronto
Timing of Refugee Medical Exams

In majority of cases, refugee claimants are required to undergo their medical exams within 30 days following their claim for asylum in Canada.

IRCC panel physicians
IRCC Panel Physicians

Only doctors approved by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) can conduct Immigration Medical Exams for refugees and immigrants. These approved physicians are referred to as panel physicians.

Detailed refugee examinations
Medical Examination Components

The Refugee Medical Examination process involves a thorough physical examination, a detailed review of the individual’s medical history, and diagnostic tests such as blood, urine, and chest X-rays.

Submission of medical results
Submission of Medical Results

The panel physician will submit the results of the refugee medical examination directly to the IRCC, who will then review the submitted results.

Individuals found to have certain health conditions may require additional medical investigations or public health interventions.

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Importance of
Refugee Medical Examinations

Refugee Medical Examinations are essential in ensuring the health of incoming individuals and preserving the overall well-being of the host country’s population. Several key aspects underscore the importance of these examinations:

  • Protecting public health:

    Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, these exams safeguard Canada’s public health and safety, ensuring immigrants do not pose harm due to health concerns.

  • Balancing priorities:

    While immigration is crucial, the health and safety of Canadians is also paramount. Medical exams strike a balance, necessitating a thorough refugee health assessment for every immigrant and family member.

  • Preventing health threats:

    Identifying conditions that threaten public health and safety and those causing “excessive demand” on services prevents potential issues early in the immigration process.

  • Inclusive family assessment:

    Given family interconnectedness, each member must undergo the examination.

  • Legal compliance:

    Mandated by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, these exams fulfill legal requirements to protect public health, safety, and the security of Canadian society.

Our Medical Exam Process for Refugees

Embarking on your immigration journey is a significant step, and at Immigration Medical Toronto, we strive to make the process as seamless as possible. Here’s an overview of our thorough refugee medical examination process:


Schedule Your Appointment

Ensure a smooth Immigration Medical Exam by booking your appointment with us. Bring all IRCC documentation such as the Medical Report – Client Biodata and Summary IMM1017 form, Acknowledgement of Claim and Notice to Return for Interview or refugee protection claimant document. 

If you have a passport, please bring the physical original passport or a certified copy.


Comprehensive Testing on Exam Day

Our experienced team conducts all necessary tests on the day of your appointment, including blood tests, urine tests, chest X-rays, and additional procedures as needed. Your health is our priority, and we ensure precision and care.


Effortless Results Submission

After your medical exam, we handle administrative processes, promptly submitting results to the government. If you wish to obtain a personal copy of your results, you can purchase it for a nominal fee of $20.00 CAD.

Visit Our Refugee Clinic for Your Medical Exam

At Immigration Medical Toronto, we specialize in tailored Immigration Medical Exams for immigrants, refugees, and permanent and temporary residents in the Greater Toronto Area. 
Our dedicated clinic ensures a streamlined and efficient process, prioritizing your medical examination needs to facilitate a smooth immigration journey.

What to Expect at Our Clinic

  • All-in-one location

    Visit our refugee health screening clinic for a hassle-free experience. We conduct all necessary examinations in one location, including urine, blood, and x-ray tests. This consolidated approach allows for a convenient and time-saving process, ensuring you can complete all required testing in one visit.

  • Convenient location

    Navigating a new environment may be a challenge. Thankfully, our refugee clinics are located at convenient subway and train stations, allowing easy access.

  • Time-efficient process

    The examination process takes approximately 1.5 hours or less, maximizing efficiency while providing thorough and accurate results.

  • Expert Physicians

    Our clinic has expert panel physicians to help you complete your Immigration Medical Exam and help you navigate the Canadian healthcare system. We also have doctors who specialize in HIV and the care of infectious diseases to help if required.

What Refugees Will Be Tested On

  • Physician assessment

    You will see the doctor to review your medical history, medications, and physical health.

  • Chest X-rays

    Mandatory for all applicants aged 11 and older. Pregnant applicants can defer the chest x-ray and complete other parts of the exam. Our IRCC panel physicians will guide you on the risks associated with X-rays during pregnancy or how to wait until after pregnancy.

  • Blood tests

    Required for all applicants aged 15 and older. No fasting is necessary before your appointment for blood work tests.

  • Urine tests

    A urinalysis is a requirement for all applicants aged five and older. Ensure you drink sufficient water before your visit to facilitate providing a urine sample during your appointment. Menstruation will not affect the examination.

Immigration Medical Centre - Immigration Medical Toronto

Embark on a seamless journey towards meeting your immigration goals by choosing Immigration Medical Toronto for your refugee medical exam.

Our dedicated refugee immigration clinic caters to individuals in the Greater Toronto Area, ensuring comprehensive refugee health screening. If you have questions or concerns about your refugee healthcare needs, our experienced team is here to guide you. 

Benefits for Refugees in Canada

Canada’s robust support system for refugees includes a variety of benefits and services to aid their integration into Canadian society. One significant program that aids refugees is the Resettlement Assistance Program, facilitated by the Canadian government. 

Key services include airport/port assistance, temporary housing, help to secure permanent residence, furnishing essential items, and financial aid.

Additional Benefits for Refugees in Canada


Eligibility for coverage under the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP), ensuring coverage for essential medical services such as doctor visits, prescription drugs, and specified medical equipment.


Access to publicly funded Canadian education for refugee children, with language support services to aid integration into the education system.

Social assistance

Potential eligibility for social assistance programs, offering financial support to meet basic needs; specific programs and criteria vary by province and territory.

Employment support

Various services and programs to assist refugees in finding employment, including job placement, skills training, and support for recognizing foreign credentials.

Permanent residency

 Opportunity for refugees in Canada to apply for permanent residency after meeting specified criteria, providing a more stable and secure status.

Community support

Access to support from community organizations and NGOs, offering settlement services, counselling, and community-building initiatives.

At Immigration Medical Toronto, we understand the importance of comprehensive support for refugees. With two easily accessible locations within the GTA, we ensure convenience for our clients.

Broadview Clinic:

  • Located in the family-oriented East York neighbourhood of Toronto.
  • Easily accessible by public transit.
  • Parking options available nearby.

Bay Downtown Clinic:

  • Situated at the southwest corner of Bay St. and College St. in the heart of Toronto’s downtown.
  • Convenient access by public transit.
  • Parking facilities nearby for added convenience.

Contact our clinic today, and let us navigate the path to a new life in Canada together.

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