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Toronto is a common choice for newcomers. Within Toronto’s twenty-five administrative districts, Etobicoke is one of the most popular. Even though the area is growing rapidly, Etobicoke’s condos and apartments remain relatively affordable.

One of the best things about Etobicoke is that it’s conveniently close to downtown Toronto. Yet, the area remains distinctly suburban and hasn’t been absorbed into downtown. You can enjoy safe, suburban life and exciting downtown life simultaneously.

Newcomers with families flock to Etobicoke. Many first-time homebuyers and young children live in the neighbourhood. If you have children, it will be easy for them to find new friends within the Etobicoke community. High-quality schools, playgrounds, and green spaces are there for your family to enjoy as well.

Before settling in Etobicoke, you must satisfy the Government of Canada’s immigration policies. One of these policies is an immigration medical exam. Anyone planning to move to Canada or stay for more than six months must show that they will not spread any communicable diseases to other Canadians.

Etobicoke is great for families. If you’re bringing yours to the neighbourhood, everyone must complete their medical exam. You need an immigration medical exam clinic that serves your entire family. Infants, children, teens, and seniors included.

Our Immigration Medical Exam Services for Etobicoke

Immigration Medical Toronto gives new Etobicoke residents the opportunity to conveniently complete their required medical exams. New Canadians of any age and from any country can receive every needed procedure all in one appointment.

Our panel physicians serve Etobicoke residents in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Speak to us in any of these languages, and we’ll help you meet everything the IRCC requires for a medical exam. If there’s any reason why you can’t complete every needed procedure at your appointment, deferral consultations are readily available.

With over 30 years of experience, we’re ready to help anyone from anywhere whose seeking:

  • Student visas
  • Visitor visas
  • Work permits
  • Sponsorship applications
  • Express entry
  • Refugee status
  • Permanent residency

If you need to complete your immigration medical exam quickly, we’re e-Medical enabled. We can expedite your submission to ten business days upon request. Refugees can also get their first medical exam for free by presenting a valid Refugee ID.

You will need to pay for your exam immediately after your appointment. However, we would be happy to print your receipts for any applicable insurance claims. For your convenience, we’ll submit your medical exam results directly to the IRCC. There are no additional steps after your appointment.

Result reports are available for purchase at $20.00 CAD if you would like a copy for your records. Purchasing a copy of your report is not mandatory to satisfy the IRCC’s medical exam requirement. If you deferred a procedure, we will submit your later appointment’s results to the IRCC.

The Process of an Immigration Physical Exam for Etobicoke

Every required procedure for your immigration medical exam is available at one of our clinics, easily accessible to Etobicoke residents. Some procedures are age specific. So, everyone in your family may or may not need to complete every standard immigration medical examination procedure.

Immigration Medical Toronto provides the following services.

  • Urine tests
  • Chest x-rays
  • Blood tests
  • Medical history questionnaires
  • Medical record assessments
  • Vision and hearing tests

Urine Tests

Everyone 5 years old and older must take a urine test. If you’re currently menstruating, you do not need to defer your urine test. Menstruation won’t affect your urine test result. Please drink fluids before your appointment to sufficiently complete this procedure.

Chest X-Rays

All applicants aged 11 or over must receive a chest x-ray. If you’re currently pregnant, the panel physicians at our office will consult you about the risks of getting an x-ray during pregnancy. You have the right to defer this procedure until after your pregnancy if you feel it’s not worth the risk.

Blood Tests

Any applicant over the age of 15 needs a blood test. This test is to check for any active illnesses that may spread to others. You do not need to fast before your blood test. Please wear loose-fitting clothing for your comfort and our convenience.

Record Assessments

Alongside the aforementioned tests, we will also need to assess your medical history. Please bring your Medical Report – Client Biodata and Summary IMM1017, eyeglasses, hearing aids, or medication bottles to your appointment for our assessment. Please also bring your Express Entry Invitation letter if you have one.

We can complete an Upfront Medical if you’re missing paperwork. Your appointment will be approximately 1.5 hours and please arrive 10-15 minutes early. Consult our FAQ or, if you have any further questions leading up to your immigration medical exam, call our clinic at (416) 463-2438.

How do I know if I need a Medical Exam?

Typically, anyone who plans to stay in Canada for more than six months needs an immigration medical exam. There are some cases where a person who plans to stay for less than six months still needs to take one. These instances include:

  • Medical students or temporary healthcare workers
  • Temporary daycare, school, or child service workers
  • Temporary workers working in facilities for the elderly or disabled
  • People who lived or worked in certain countries before coming to Canada

The Government of Canada lists all countries that fall under the last category. Please consult this resource on their website if you’re unsure.

Our Prices

The price to get an exam from Immigration Medical Toronto for Etobicoke residents varies based on age. Age will not affect refugees who are seeking a free first immigration medical examination. Prices are as follows.

  • Age 0-10: $150 CAD
  • Age 11-14: $210 CAD
  • Age 15-74: $250 CAD
  • Age 75+: $280 CAD

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