Immigration Medical FAQs

  • When will test results be available and cases submitted to government?

    Cases will be submitted by our office between 3-10 days from your visit. Results are not required for your application. Results will be send directly to IRCC.

  • I have been asked to return to see the Panel Physician again, what do I do?

    You may require further medical tests requested by the government. Please BOOK ONLINE for an appointment. If your medical exam was not completed at our office, please try contacting the original panel physician who completed your exam.

  • What is the status of my application?​

    We will submit your case to Immigration within 10 days. Your case will be completed at this time. Please do not call the office. If you have further questions about your immigration status after 10 days from your exam, please contact IRCC directly as they may not have reviewed your file yet.

  • Is blood test and chest X-ray done at the same location?

    Yes, blood test and chest x-ray is completed on site immediately after doctor exam.

  • Can I get a copy of my report?

    You may order a copy of your complete Immigration Medical Exam that will be submitted on our website Order Your Report. There is an administrative charge of $20.

  • How much does the exam cost?

  • What do I need to bring to the appointment?

  • Does OHIP or my private insurance cover this exam?

    OHIP does not cover this exam as it is not a medically necessary test and is done for the purposes of the federal government which is different from provincial OHIP. Your private insurance may cover this test. We will issue you a receipt which you can use for your claim.

  • I am pregnant, can I still complete my immigration medical exam?

    You may still complete this exam. The doctor will counsel you on the risks and benefits of completing or not completing an X-ray during pregnancy. If you do not wish to complete an x-ray, you can complete all other parts of the exam.

  • I completed a refugee medical exam before. Can I still use my refugee paper for coverage?

    The Interim Federal Health Program only covers the medical exam once when you applied for refugee status. Once you apply for other application types like permanent residency or work permit, you are no longer covered for this exam.

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