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The GTA is one of the most popular destinations for new Canadians. Yet, the GTA consists of twenty-five different locations. Toronto itself is one of those twenty-five, and it includes six different administrative districts.

Clearly, new Canadians have a lot of choices within the GTA. North York is one of the six districts within Toronto with much to offer recent immigrants to Canada.

North York is one of the most ethnically diverse districts in Toronto. As a result, most immigrants can easily find other members of their community. The area also hosts a wide array of multicultural festivals and offers many delicious restaurants and unique stores and amenities. Many of which are owned and operated by newcomers.

Another one of the district’s best features is its excellent public transportation system. It’s easy for anyone living in North York to get anywhere in Toronto for work, entertainment, or education.

Our Immigration Medical Exam Services for North York

Newcomers need to get their immigration medical exams as soon as possible. The Canadian government requires these exams for most immigrants. If you’re moving to North York or planning to stay for more than six months, you need an exam. This process is Canada’s way of ensuring illnesses don’t spread.

  • Refugee status
  • Student visas
  • Work permits
  • Permanent residency
  • Express entry
  • Visitor visas
  • Sponsorship applications

Our clinic provides everything you need to complete your immigration medical examination near North York. In most cases, all you need is one appointment to fulfill all of the Canadian Government’s requirements. If your insurance covers your exam, we will provide any required receipts for your claim.

We’re also e-Medical enabled, so you can access expedited submissions if required.

After your medical exam, we will submit the results to the IRCC. All you need to do is book your appointment and show up. You may purchase a copy of your report for $20.00 CAD if you desire.

Our Physical Exam Process for North York

Complete all of your immigration medical exam requirements at one clinic near North York. Immigration Medical Toronto provides all requirements for every age. Talk to our expert panel physicians about any of the following procedures.

  • Chest x-rays
  • Blood tests
  • Urine tests
  • Medical record assessments
  • Medical history questionnaires
  • Vision and hearing tests

Chest X-Rays

Chest x-rays are required for any applicant over the age of 11. X-rays can be risky for some pregnancies. If you’re pregnant, you’re welcome to consult our IRCC panel physicians about the risks. You may defer your chest x-ray until after your pregnancy if you’re concerned about the risks. Deferring your x-ray should not affect your status.

Blood Tests

A blood test is required for all applicants 15 and over. You will not need to fast before your blood test. These tests are to prevent potentially communicable diseases from spreading to Canada. Active illnesses that could pass to others are the main concern.

Urine Tests

Any applicant over the age of 5 must take a urine test. Like blood tests, this process is to check for potentially communicable diseases. Menstruation will not affect a urine test’s results. You don’t need to defer your urine test if you are menstruating.

Record Assessments

Please bring your Medical Report – Client Biodata and Summary IMM1017 to your appointment. If you have an Express Entry Invitation letter please bring that too. We will be assessing your pre-existing conditions and required prescriptions at your appointment. This includes medications, eyeglasses, contacts, and hearing aids.

You may complete an Upfront Medical if you’re missing paperwork.

What to Expect at Your Immigration Medical Examination

Each appointment takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete. Please allocate this amount of time from your schedule and arrive 10-15 minutes early. If you have any questions about your immigration medical exam beforehand, consult our FAQ or call our clinic at (416) 463-2438.

Book your immigration medical exam at our clinic. Make sure your appointment aligns with all of your IRCC timelines. Masks are required at all of our clinics. Please respect the health and safety of others.

Please wear loose-fitting clothing to your appointment. This will make the procedures easier for us and more comfortable for you. Anyone over the age of five who will be taking a urine test should drink fluids before their exam. Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by their legal guardian, and all patients have the right to a chaperone.

You don’t need a photo ID at your appointment. We’ll take a photo at the clinic on the day. However, you will need a government-issued ID so we can verify your identity. Refugees must bring their Refugee ID to get a free first exam.

At your appointment, we will perform bloodwork, urine tests, and a chest x-ray. If you’re deferring your x-ray, we will book your new time at your appointment. We will ask you to complete your medical questionnaire and perform any additional tests if necessary.

There are no additional steps after your appointment. We’ll submit your results and create your purchasable medical report.

Our Prices

Our clinic is happy to accommodate newcomers of any age. Prices vary based on the age of the patient. Refugees with valid Refugee IDs will also receive their first exam for free.

  • Age 0-10: $150 CAD
  • Age 11-14: $210 CAD
  • Age 15-74: $250 CAD
  • Age 75+: $280 CAD

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Broadview East York Clinic Information

855 Broadview Ave, Suite 403
Toronto, ON M4K 3Z1

The Broadview East York Clinic is conveniently located next to the Broadview TTC Station and offers on-site street parking, with a nearby Green P Parking lot also available for use.

The clinic is positioned in the charming and family-oriented Riverdale neighborhood of Toronto, which is known for its picturesque surroundings and is home to several green spaces such as Riverdale Park, Rosedale Ravine lands, and Don Valley Brick Works Park.

Bay Downtown Clinic Information

790 Bay St., Suite 716
Toronto, ON M5G 1N8

The Bay Downtown Clinic can be found on the South West corner of Bay St. and Carlton St. in the bustling downtown area of Toronto, and is conveniently connected to public transportation, major roadways, and bike lanes.

You can easily reach the clinic using Queen’s Park Station or College Station, which are just steps away, or take the 506 Carlton Streetcar that runs from High Park to Main Street station and arrive directly at the clinic’s doorstep.

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Accessible directly from College & Queen’s Park TTC Station & Streetcar 506 Carlton. Street and Underground Parking available at Building or Across the Street

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